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          Jiaxing Hudong Household Auxiliaries Company Limited was founded in 1988. Located in Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province, it is only 100 km from Shanghai, the largest industrial, commercial, financial, import and export trade center of China,
          Our company specializes in the hydrogenation of natural fatty materials, final product development and production. The main products are food additive、 PVC lubricants、 surfactants、wax material and raw material for textile additive. Food additives are mainly on emulsifiers and hydrogenated oils, used in food industry medicines and cosmetics etc. Other four categories are widely used in plastic process、detergent industry and candle etc . Our products have characteristics of environmental friendly、health and non-toxic. Our products are certified by the ISO9001 quality management system、Halal certificate and SGS. Our factory is one of the most famous oil&fats company in China with high reputation in this industry.

          In the past decades, we adhere to the principle of "production according to the guidance of the market", pay attention to technological development, carry out rigorous quality control, and do our best to satisfy our clients. These result in an excellent, unwavering and mutually-trusting cooperation and relationship between our clients and us and the steady expansion of our market year by year. Some subsidiary companies and joint venture companies of large international enterprises in Eastern China have joined the community of our clients, becoming stable partners of our company.Our products are also exported to all over the world such as USA、 Australia、Brazil、 Thailand 、Indonesia、 Spain、 Turkey、 South Korea、 Egypt etc.
          Hudong will continue to be professional、pursue perfection, expecting to become the “evergreen” in oil&fat industry.

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