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        1. Company Profile
          Sales Network
          Factory Environment
          1988: Factory is founded with food additive as main products. The general manager is the youngest
            manager in local areas.
          1991: Start business with world’s top 500 companies and keep up to now. Our company is always
            the good supplier.
          1993: Gradually develop plastic additive and the raw material for textile additive etc
          1997: Enterprise changes to joint-stock system
          2001: Obtain the ISO 9001 quality management system, significantly improve the system of
          2005: Company set up trading department, exporting our products to foreign country
          2008: Establish distillation plant, extending the product line and improve the quality and
          competitiveness of our products
          2009: Establish R&D center, won the honors of Zhejiang one thousand persons program and Jiaxing
            Gold Eagle Program
          2012: The establishment of the oil company, a few domestic manufacturers of food grade oils
          2014: Market share and volume of sale is continuing to increase year by year
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